Drayage -

CDL 1000 provides capacity and equipment solutions for all your preferred drayage needs. Enable a quick pick-up of container shipments and move goods efficiently in and out of ports and rail yards.
  • We coordinate with container depots and steamship lines to manage drop pools.
  • We value and grow relationships with freight forwarders and customs brokers nationwide. 
  • We leverage our experience throughout the intermodal process, driving down costs through better utilization of equipment.

Terminal Locations

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Value Added Transportation Solutions

We offer turnkey transportation management services. Our innovative solutions provide lower transportation costs, improve customer success, and reduce cycle times. With our drayage division, we deliver the optimal price and service combination.

Why Consider Intermodal Drayage Services?

Quick Pickup and
Efficient Movement

CDL1000’s drayage – intermodal services enable the quick movement of container shipments, movement of goods in and out of ports and rail yards. We can get your freight where it needs to be, no matter the obstacle. Make peak season problems a thing of the past.