CDL 1000 Business Ethics

Here at CDL 1000, our business ethics set a high moral guideline that influences how our company serves our customers, brand partnerships, vendors, and most importantly our employees. Our business ethics are based upon our individual ethics and how we run our day-to-day organizational procedures, systems, and team camaraderie.

CDL 1000 Ethics:

  1. Equality
  2. Respect
  3. Transparency
  4. Integrity
  5. Accountability
  6. Providing excellence
  7. Upholding reputation
  8. Trustworthiness
  9. Loyalty
  10. Lawfulness
  11. Compassion
  12. Responsibility


Companies should strive to act fairly and commit to exercising in. 
  • Our leaders use reliable and honorable methods to gain an advantage over the competition.
  • We have open minds and treat everyone fairly. 
  • We hire fair and equal to all individuals.
  • We practice fair marketing initiatives for business partnerships and compete fair within the market for new customers.


Having basic respect for peoples rights, privacy, and dignity including individuals within and outside the company is crucial
  • We respect all races, sex, nationalities, and religions entirely.
  • We respect our customers’ and employees’ privacy with bank account details, health background, or social security numbers private.
  • We operate with and respect our industry-specific laws.


Transparency is the foundation of solid relationship-building with customers that directly impacts the success and stability of our company.
  • Accurately representing facts.
  • Telling the truth in its entirety.
  • Communicating clearly and openly about everything a company does and says.


Even when we feel pressured to do otherwise, sticking with our decisions and words shows honor and courage. Our moral means everything to us.
  • We honor our promotions and discounts.
  • If we say it, we mean it.
  • We honor our prices
  • We believe the customer is right.


As an ethical business, we accept responsibility for all our decisions as a company. As we pursue our creativity and innovation to the 
  • We admit our mistakes.
  • We take the consequences.
  • We learn as we are constantly growing.
  • We share the result transparently.

Provide excellence

As an ethical organization, we strive to provide excellence. We seek to constantly improve our performance and technology to help ease the lives of our customers.
  • We deliver quality technology
  • We provide superior customer success
  • We offer premium services. 
  • We offer the best price.

Reputation upholding

We seek to maintain and protect a positive reputation as an ethical company. Upholding our good reputation means being engaged in conduct that uplifts our company. 
  • We offer a motivating work culture.
  • We keep our investors engaged.
  • We provide exceptional customer success.


Companies that keep promises and fulfill commitments to our employees, brand partnerships, employees, and vendors display our commitment to our business ethics. We are dependable.
  • We fulfill our commitments to customers.
  • We fulfill our obligations to our partnerships.
  • We fulfill our obligations to our employees.
  • We fulfill our obligations to our vendors.


Loyalty encompasses all of our relationships, including employees, partners, investors, vendors, and customers. Loyalty allows our business to make the best decisions benefiting our relationships, not capitalizing.
  • We put you first over personal gain.
  • We advance with you, not ahead of you.
  • We do not operate in conflict of interest.


We are a company that works within the boundaries of the legal system set for us. We are more credible and honorable, establishing a strong positive reputation as a company.
  • We abide by legal obligations and regulations.
  • We pay our taxes and support our community.
  • We provide a safe working environment.


As best business practices need to be made with careful consideration of the options and how each one may affect a person or community helps reduce the potential negative impacts to our industry.
  • We demonstrate kindness.
  • We are understanding.
  • We care about the livelihood of others.
  • We genuinely care about people.


Our company has high ethical standards by recognized parties and is responsible to our employees and customers, and understands how their leadership’s conduct affects the business. 
  • We understand the conduct of leadership.
  • All we have is our word, and we are responsible for it.
  • We are accountable for upholding our standards.
  • We are accountable for making logical decisions.