6 Ways How To Improve Warehouse Key Procedures Efficiency

Generally, there are six main warehouse procedures – collecting, placing, storing, selecting, packing, and sending. Improving the above six processes will enable the warehouse to run more smoothly, making it more simplified, organized, and efficient.

To fully grasp and learn to manage the activities successfully and adequately, analyze well every warehouse procedure. Upon every explained process, there will be suggestions and recommendations for improving each one.


The collecting process is the first and most significant warehouse operation. The warehouse has to confirm that the right products have been received in the right amount, the right state, and at the correct time in order for the collecting process to be successful. If that is not done appropriately, all subsequent operations will struggle.

Collecting products also includes the responsibility of transporting them to the warehouse. Products have to arrive at the warehouse in the same condition in which they were when they were received. If you receive and transport goods adequately, you’ll avoid consequences for the damaged products.

How To Improve

To improve the process of collecting, the cargo should be received effectively and appropriately so that its accumulation is avoided. One solution is a power pallet truck that helps you to easily and efficiently unload merchandise and clear port zones. Another is a dimensioner, a system for measuring three-dimensional objects. It gives exact measurements of the packages/pallets and helps speed up the process of the transaction. And lastly – software applications, such as dock schedulers or labor management systems (LMS) designed to intelligently assign the correct number of employees by precisely predicting forthcoming deliveries.


Placing is the second phase of warehousing, and the key task is moving the load from where it was taken to the required storage location. If goods are not placed in an ideal place, the productivity of warehouse operations could be affected. There are several advantages if goods are taken care of.

Goods are stored more quickly and effectively

Traveling time is significantly reduced

Protection of goods and staff are covered

Storage space usage is greatly increased

Cargo is easier and more convenient to locate, track and recover

How To Improve

Transport goods easily, reliably, and effectively from their storage to their best location. Slotting and space management systems are software that dynamically assigns suitable spaces for each load to make the place-in cycle efficient. Moreover, some mobile apps and devices guide employees to place goods in the correct location.


Storage is the operation in which products are stocked in their best available location. A well-handled storage process increases available space in the warehouse and improves worker productivity.

How to improve

To improve in the storing phase, a proper key performance indicator (KPI) has to be adequately recorded and monitored. That can be done through a software that measures the usage of your warehouse and records the correct KPI, that will determine how effective each element is from your storage operation.

Slotting optimization systems can also assist you and provide the best place to store certain goods. Ultimately, you can maximize both horizontal and vertical warehouse spaces when the correct storage system is used.


Selecting is the selection of products in a warehouse to satisfy customer orders. As it is the most costly procedure at the warehouse and takes up to 55% of the overall cost of operations, upcoming improving methods will significantly reduce the cost and increase warehouse productivity.

How to improve


The packaging process prepares selected items for shipping to the customer. One of the most important tasks of packaging is to prevent any damage when items exit the warehouse. Besides that, the packaging has to be sufficiently light to avoid the increased weight of the goods and minimize packaging expenses.

How To Improve

Packaging can be improved by using software to guide employees in performing the work. If a packaging system is provided with all the necessary information, like weight and dimensions, the software will automatically identify the type and total amount of the product packaging which will keep the products secure and packaging costs much cheaper.


Sending is the last phase of warehousing where product travel from the warehouse to the buyer starts. It is considered to be successful when the correct order is selected and packed, shipped to the right buyer, with the right transit system, and is delivered safely at the scheduled time. Earlier procedures are also important for successful sending because they have a huge influence on the execution of the order.

How To Improve

Many activities must be optimized with software systems to increase the chances of a successful shipment. The labor management system (LMS) allows you to distribute a precise amount of resources.

A smartphone shipping application and other devices for shipping tracking help you to track shipments by flight in real-time. Also, loading systems will provide guides that demonstrate how to effectively and safely load products.

To Conclude

Achievements like the growth of e-commerce, globalization, and increased outsourcing warehouse services are greatly influencing the warehouse industry. Such major market developments are chances that wait for you to take rapid measures to improve warehouse operations. Ideally, this article has enabled you to comprehend the purpose of every method and included tips for improvement will be beneficial.

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