Simplify Your Supply Chain CDL 1000 offers groundbreaking solutions for the daily challenges surrounding Over the road, Drayage-Intermodal, and Warehousing operations. Featured in FreightWaves, CDL 1000 is a 24-hour asset-based Supply Chain Solution company that offers transportation solutions with advanced tracking and freight matching capabilities. Work with CDL 1000 on your next logistic project by calling or getting a quote from our new shipping calculator.

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Featured in FreightWaves, CDL 1000 is a 24-hour asset-based Supply Chain Solution company with a mission to provide safe, reliable and outstanding customer service in everything we do.  We build technology that enhance relationships but never replace them.  

We are driven to become the best multi-modal company in the USA.  We are committed to being a leader of innovative, integrated solutions in global transportation, distribution, logistics and  final mile.  Our asset-based 3PL means working tirelessly for both clients and our extensive carrier network to deliver the best service.  We believe relationships are the key success.  We will extend our OTR, brokerage, drayage, and cross-docking operations to bring you value and world-class customer service. 


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Track your shipment in real time. Know the location of your shipment at your own convenience. Save time and headache!

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Keep up to date with business critical event notifications. Get informed on dispatch , pickup and drop offs when they happen. Plan your future pickup dates. Stay informed and stay ahead!

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Smart Logistics Technology

CDL 1000’s Smart Logistics Technology is a marketplace for brokers, customers, and carriers to unite with the common goal of saving money and maximizing street turn opportunities. Find hundreds of intermodal hauling opportunities through our multi-platform technology.  Sign up with us today.

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